R Village Bible Church of Amherst - Bulletin
Village Bible Church
Teaching the Bible with Clarity and Compassion
Welcome to our Church Family
Today is June 16th, 2019
Happy Father's Day!
We gather to worship the one true and triune God of the Bible: Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Please take a moment before we begin and ask him to fill your life and our worship with the blessing of His presence.
We are working our way through the entire Bible
in a study called “God’s Story”.
Today’s message is from
Matthew...Christ as King
(Matthew can be found on page 799 in the pew bible.)
Children are dismissed for Super Church during the sermon portion of the worship service. Children through grade 4 meet downstairs. Middle-schoolers stay in the sanctuary today. The following leaders will lovingly supervise and teach your children:
Infants/Toddlers:   Theo Winch
Super Church:       Ruth Quinn and Crystal Jones
Middle School:       No meeting
Our Daily Bread for June, July, and August is available on the table in the lobby. Help yourself.
SHARE items for June: Pancake Mix & Syrup, Condiments, Cooking Sauces & Seasonings, Cooking Oil, Jelly, Cold Cereal. Place items in lobby basket marked SHARE.  Also, please remember (no clothing please).
VBC This Week:
Today             9:00am    Prayer
                    10:00am    Worship Service
Wednesday     7:00pm    Summer Study -The Power of Jesus' Names 
                                    - at the church
Coming Up:
Sunday, June 30th is Share Lunch Sunday. Several hosts will be selected to either welcome you to their home or coordinate a restaurant location for folks to enjoy. Stay tuned for hosts to be announced. 
July 4th is right around the corner. The Town of Amherst hosts the annual parade where hundreds gather, and we participate on site and on the Common. Our pitching cage is quite popular and our presence here with balloons, water, popcorn, etc. has become a good way for us to extend ourselves into the community. Much help is needed so please make the effort to participate. We begin at 7:00am and wrap-up by 1:00pm. If you can help for part or all of the time it would not only be appreciated but also allow our church family to be well represented to those who are here. Please come and pray for the Lord to help us represent Jesus well!
Missions Corner:
CAM (Christian Aftercare Ministry) is in urgent need of the following: small refrigerators, coffee pots, utensils, silverware, pots and pans, bedding, new socks, and men's clothing in good condition. We will be collecting items for 2 weeks. Please leave your donations in the lobby by the coat rack.
Samaritan’s Purse suggested items for June (to purchases in anticipation of OCC boxes) are quality toys. Some ideas are: doll, jump rope, soccer ball (deflated with pump), Slinky, kazoo, yoyo, play dough.