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Village Bible Church
Teaching the Bible with Clarity and Compassion
Welcome to Our Church Family
Sunday November 29th, 2020
Our gathering is dedicated to worshiping the God of the Bible; the only true God who is Lord of heaven and earth.
Our worship involves several songs of praise and a substantive time studying the Bible, which we firmly believe to be the authoritative Word of God.
Please take a moment before we begin and ask the LORD God to fill your life and our worship with the blessing of His presence and a knowledge of His salvation, in Christ, for all.
Pastor Mike continues the series today from Philippians called,
“Living on Top of the World”.
Today’s message is from
Philippians 4:15-23
Childcare is now being offered for children 4 and younger. The toddler room is downstairs, through the double doors to the left. Our weekly caregiver is Alanna Grenier.
No Super Church is currently offered. We hope to resume soon but have need for workers during the pandemic. Meanwhile, packets of material for children to use during the sermon are available in the lobby.
Middle School meets upstairs with Kimi Curtis.

SHARE pantry items for December: Canned Ham, Canned Meats, Side Dishes (seasoned pasta mix, Hamburger Helper, etc.), Ravioli & Beefaroni. Please place donations in the basket located in the foyer and they will be delivered for you. Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

This Week:

Today             9:00am   Pre-Service Prayer w/ Zoom
                        Passcode is VBC if needed.
                    10:00am   Worship Service                                                                                   (Live Stream available through Facebook)

Worship Songs:  

Let Us Adore
Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)
Jesus Messiah
What a Beautiful Name
Christmas Carol
Tuesday          7:00pm   Community Group - Curtis home in Amherst
                     7:00pm    Community Group - Sacco home in Milford
                     7:00pm    Community Group w/Zoom
                  Passcode is VBC if needed         

Wednesday     7:00pm   Worship Rehearsal

                     7:00pm    Deacons' Meeting

Thursday:       7:00pm   Community Group - Curtis home in Merrimack

Special note:

In response to the governor’s order, until January 15, children 6 years or older and adults (who do not have a medical condition or disability preventing it) should now wear a mask throughout the entire service. We all agree it is not preferable but thank you for complying.

Our Daily Bread for December, January & February is available in the lobby. Help yourself.