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Village Bible Church
Teaching the Bible with Clarity and Compassion
Welcome to our Church Family
Today is February 17th, 2019

At Village Bible Church our priority is the worship of God, especially when we gather on Sunday mornings. We are here to honor God as the Bible defines Him - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Please take a moment before we begin and ask the Lord to fill this place and your life with the blessing of His presence.
We are working our way through the entire Bible
in a study called “God’s Story”.
The message today is from
Lamentations...When God Hurts
Lamentations can be found on page 677 in the pew Bible.
Children are dismissed for Super Church during the sermon portion of the worship service. Children through grade 4 meet downstairs. Middle-schoolers meet upstairs. The following leaders will lovingly supervise and teach your children:
Infants/Toddlers:   Samantha Boisvert
Super Church:       Becky & Paul Tripp
Middle School:       Kim Curtis

Our Daily Bread for March, April and May is available on the table in the lobby. Help yourself.

Samaritans Purse has suggested shopping for shoebox items throughout the year. If you are so inclined, February’s suggestion is accessories. Some ideas are: watches, sunglasses, hair ties, fun jewelry. Fill a box a little at a time!
VBC This Week:
Today            9:00am    Prayer
                   10:00am    Worship Service
Monday          7:00pm    Youth Group at the Curtis home in
                                    Milford, 68 Annand Dr.
Tuesday         7:00pm    Community Group at the Tripp home
                                    in Milford, 78 Armory Rd.
Wednesday     7:30pm    Community Group at the Sacco home
                                     in Milford, 14 Falconer Ave.
Thursday        7:00pm    Community Group at the Curtis home
                                    in Milford, 68 Annand Dr.

Coming Up:

Next Sunday, February 24th – Baby Bottles are due.

Friday, March 15th – Nathan Project Banquet 6:30AM - 9:00PM at Trinity Baptist Church, 3 Lund Road, Nashua. Once again, we will sponsor a table with the hope that a few from our church family might be interested in learning more about the ministries we support. Please see Pastor Mike to reserve a seat.

Saturday, March 16th Work as Worship is a one-day workshop featuring business leaders addressing the issue of credibly living out your faith in the workplace. Particularly suited for executives but beneficial to all who want to have a testimony for Christ in their work environment. The simulcast will be here from 8:00am - 3:00pm. The cost is $30 and includes a great lunch. Register at www.workasworshipretreat.org by clicking appropriate link.

Friday, March 29th Souhegan Valley Night of Worship, 7:00 pm at Souhegan High School, 412 Boston Post Rd in Amherst.
SHARE items for February: Pancake Mix & Syrup, Condiments, Cooking Sauces & Seasonings, Cooking Oil, Jelly, Cold Cereal. Place items in lobby basket marked SHARE. Please, no clothing. Thanks for your generosity toward those in need!
Please, no clothing should be left in the lobby for any ministry unless a specific appeal is given. Thanks!