First Baptist Church of Amherst
Teaching the Bible with Clarity and Compassion
Messiah in the Old Testament
On Sunday, April 12th, at 6pm, Mitch Forman, from Chosen People Ministries, will once again be with us.
Mitch will share revelations of Messiah in the Old Testament.
All are welcome. Invite your friends!


First Baptist Church of Amherst
Sunday Morning Worship is at 10:00 AM

Welcome to our website!

This site is designed to give you a sense of what our church is all about. We hope it is helpful.

Briefly, we are a Bible believing church working hard to take serious Jesus' commands to love God, love others and make disciples as we go through life. We value relationships that demonstrate love while encouraging people to seek God.

Our main focus is discipleship. What exactly does that mean? It means that we believe people who call themselves Christians have a duty to be in relationships that demonstrate genuine love and draw people to faith in Jesus. Consequently, we put less effort into "doing church" (corporate meetings and events...) and more emphasis on "being the church" (encouraging each other in faith, finding personal ways to be involved in the community and sharing our lives with people we know).

We think Jesus' church should be all about what you give, not what you get; we are raising that expectation and hoping to see God work in many people as we do. If that sounds of interest, we invite you to explore a life of faith with us!

May God bless you as you seek Him!

Pastor Mike Sacco